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Toyi is an eco-friendly creative building kit that enables children to transform everyday objects into unique toys. With a kit consisting of wheels, feet, hands, eyes, joints, sticks, flexible connectors, kids can transform any object around them into a toy of their own creation.


Toyi introduces a new conception of toy by inviting children to explore their surroundings in a creative way and see everyday objects as potential parts for their new toys.

Accordingly, the visual identity we designed for Toyi is based on the idea of basic shapes coming together to form something new. A simple, colorful, and cheerful identity emerges as the letters for the Toyi logo get built from the primitive forms of triangle, square, and circle, evoking toys and play.


When we started working for their logo, Toyi emphasized that they were planning on creating different types of products and that the logo should not bear a direct formal resemblance to Toyi parts. Our design is intended to be an umbrella identity, an inclusive system that covers a wider area than the first toy parts produced by them; it relates to Toyi in a more abstract fashion, symbolizing the coming together of different parts. For example, the letter ‘I’ in the logotype is linked to the letter ‘O’ and they are forming an ‘İ’ with a dot. They line up to form the logotype in a non-linear fashion, exemplifying the organic nature of play and the unexpected unities arising from it.


Toyi, a social enterprise based in Istanbul founded by Elif Atmaca and Ögeday Uçurum in 2017, was beginning its life as a brand when we started working with them. In 2018, they organized a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for which we also worked together. We have always been proud to be part of their success story as a brand growing in many countries, celebrated with many international awards.


Toyi Basic Set packages.


Background pattern illustrations: Selin Tahtakılıç

Toyi Font

Based on the letters T, O, Y and I that make up the Toyi logo, a geometric, playful, and colorful display font is designed. It has two versions, normal and color. It stands out with its bold forms and unique characteristics.


Toyi Font enriches the brand and gives it a unique look. The font is used in different application areas of identity and allows the brand to be easily recognized by its customers.


In our years-long partnership with Toyi, we had the pleasure of witnessing and being a part of the growth of an idea into a social enterprise and a brand, right from the beginning. Together we’ve been able to build a new world for children, and to come up with new solutions to new problems, new demands, and new opportunities along the way. The journey continues...


We believe in a rational design process where decisions are based on objective reasons that emerge from the project brief and that can be articulated in meaningful and productive discussions.

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