Friendly identity design calls to play

Client: Toyi
Role: Branding, Package Design, Type Design
Year: 2020–2021

Toyi is a creative play kit that allows children aged six years or older to make toys they imagine using materials around them. With Toyi, children are redesigning the objects around them, developing a sense of producing without consuming (upcycling) at an early age.


The identity is inspired by the geometric shapes of toys and play. The letters for the Toyi logo are designed based on these primitive forms of triangle, square, and circle. With this method, a simple, colorful, and friendly identity has emerged.


The design is intended to be an umbrella identity, an inclusive system that covers a wider area than the first toy produced by the Toyi team. This is the reason that the logo doesn't bear a direct resemblance to the Toyi parts, but relates to it in a more abstract fashion, symbolizing the coming together of different parts. The letters are linked to each other in a subtle way. For example, the letter "I" in the logotype is linked to the letter "O" and they are forming an "İ" with a dot. They line up to form the logotype, emphasizing unity and play.


Toyi Font

A geometric, sans serif, bold, playful and colorful display font designed based on the letters T, O, Y and I that make up the Toyi logo. It has two versions, normal and color. It stands out with its geometric form and unique characteristics.


Toyi Font enriches the brand and gives it a unique look. The font is used in different application areas of identity and allows the brand to be easily understood by its customers.


We believe in a rational design process where decisions are based on objective reasons that emerge from the project brief and that can be articulated in meaningful and productive discussions.

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